The Search for Perfection in Wood

Enhance the value and beauty of your home. As one of the most important decisions you will make for your home, choosing the most appropriate windows and doors is likely to take both time and quite possibly, a fair bit of research.

Lasting Performance

Multi-layer timber sections with opposing grains, balances warping & combats twisting combined with factory applied micro-porous coatings providing maximum protection but minimal maintenance.

Wood Perfection

With almost 50 years of working with timber it was clear that homeowners often preferred timber to other alternatives, the Timber Windows range is quite simply the best there is.

Local Specialist

Sherborne are proud to be a partner with Timber Windows, the range has been carefully & sensitively tailored to complement the English home.

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Walk down any street in England and you can tell, almost instinctively whether the doors and windows of a home really suit the structure of the building. When the windows are wrong, it is blindingly obvious, but when they have been chosen well, or the original style preserved, the effect is often simply beautiful. Whether your home is a country cottage, Victorian semi, modern townhouse or converted barn, we are dedicated to the supply and installation of beautiful windows and doors. We’re passionate about wood, with our suite of products leading the market in the breadth of application, uniqueness of design, quality of construction and performance in use.

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