In 2016, when Mr & Mrs Jax wanted to open up the back of their 5 bedroom detached property to take in views of their beautiful garden, they chose Sherborne Windows to bring their vision to life.  But needing a space for multiple uses, they were undecided about the type of extension they wanted.  As Mrs Jax explains: “initially we wanted a solid roof extension, we were worried that a glass roof style extension would be too cold in the winter and too warm in the summer, we just couldn’t really envisage how an orangery would work for us.”

Now, 12 months on from the installation Mrs Jax was keen to share her extension story.  “We had very real concerns that an orangery style structure would bring with it some very real livability and maintenance issues.  We were concerned that a glass roof would get dirty and over time would look unsightly.  Equally the heat control through a glass roof, or lack thereof, would also be an issue.   We were also very clear in our brief to Sherborne that the space needed to fulfil a number of functions.  Primarily it needed to give us the opportunity to enjoy more of the garden year-round, whether that’s sitting in the extension in the winter watching the robins and the wildlife, or in the summer opening up the doors and letting our grandchildren enjoy the garden while we watch from the comfort of our sitting area.  We also wanted the option of dining and also a natural path to the study and downstairs loo – it was quite a complicated brief.”

Sherborne Windows, enjoying the design challenge, advised Mr & Mrs Jax to opt for a fully glazed classic roof from Ultraframe.  Coupled with large French doors and an additional side door and large windows, the orangery floods the back of the house with daylight and does indeed meet all the design requirements set out in the brief.  Adding a cornice to the design adds elegance to the orangery and further enhances the relationship between the existing house and the new extension.

Concerned about heating and cooling the orangery, Mr and Mrs Jax opted for roof vents facing the house and with the central heating running into the orangery, the flexible heating arrangement has completely overcome any concerns the couple had.  “The orangery couldn’t be better.  From a practical point of view it does everything Sherborne promised and from a heating point of view, we’ve enjoyed all four seasons in it and we’ve never had any issues with heating or cooling it – it’s perfect.”

Having spent several years bringing their home up to the beautiful standard it is today, the couple have made considerable changes to their home but as Mrs Jax tells us, it’s the orangery that has delivered the biggest ‘wow’: “we’ve got four children and seven grandchildren and over the years we’ve made lots of improvements to our home, but our children all agree on one thing – the orangery is the best thing we’ve ever done.  It’s an absolute joy to watch the grandchildren run in and out, and no matter what they’re doing we can keep an eye on them from the comfort of the seating area.”

Keen to share their thoughts on Sherborne Windows, Mrs Jax couldn’t praise their choice of installer more highly: “like any building project there are often things to resolve along the way, we had lots of questions for Sherborne and at every stage we felt they had our best interests at heart.  I couldn’t recommend them more highly.  Superb company, I would definitely recommend them.”

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