When Mr & Mrs Williams purchased their bungalow 20 years ago they fell in love with the stunning gardens overlooking open countryside but knew they needed to do some work on the layout to create much needed extra living space. Soon after moving in, and after consultation with an architect, they approached Sherborne Windows to design a conservatory for their home. As Mr Williams explains: “very quickly the conservatory become the centre of our home and for twenty years we’ve enjoyed wonderful views into our garden. We wouldn’t be without it.”

After 20 years of continual use Mr & Mrs Williams felt it was time to give their conservatory and windows a new lease of life, delighted with the service from Sherborne twenty years ago, they didn’t hesitate to get in touch again. Claire Long at Sherborne explains: “we love it when past customers get in touch again for a new project so we were really thrilled to hear from Mr & Mrs Williams. Their conservatory, window and door upgrade gave us the opportunity to show them just how much window and roof technology has moved on in 20 years. We also wanted to revisit the property and get a feel for how they use their space today. The conservatory really is an important part of the home so using a hybrid roof system called LivinRoof, which is part solid and part glass and using Tricept doors and windows, we’ve created a space for Mr & Mrs Williams that really will stand the test of time.”

For Mr & Mrs Williams their old, tired conservatory has now been replaced by a stunning light-filled extension. The huge picture window at the front of the conservatory brings a new dimension to the room the previous design overlooked. As Mr Williams explains: “we didn’t ever really give the windows much thought to be honest, they were a functional part of the old design but the new windows bring a lot of symmetry to the back of our house and really have framed the garden – exactly like a picture. It’s funny how you can look out of a window for years and not really give it much thought but our new windows really enhance our views. We couldn’t be happier with the finished result.”

The windows and doors used on Mr & Mrs Williams’ property are from the Tricept range. Tricept windows incorporate a 10 point locking system giving homeowners peace of mind about the security of their windows.

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