10th May 2016 – Mrs Simmonds Case Study of Rosewood Loggia

When Mr & Mrs Simmonds bought their property four years ago they inherited a 10-year-old conservatory, which would prove to be a useful addition to their home, as Mrs Simmonds explains: “we loved the conservatory in the Spring, it was a gorgeous spot to sit and enjoy the garden.” But with the UK climate as it is, Mr & Mrs Simmonds didn’t get much enjoyment from their conservatory throughout the warmer and colder months, Mrs Simmonds continues: “in reality as soon as we got the first hint of summer weather the conservatory would become a no-go zone, certainly too hot for our grandchildren to play in it and of course the opposite problem would occur during the winter months – if anything the conservatory really was just a Spring and Autumn space.”

Determined to find the perfect conservatory solution, the Simmonds invited several retailers to give them a quote, but as Mrs Simmonds explains, they struggled to find the right solution. “So many of the retailers we met were just keen to sell us something similar to what we’d already got, but we knew of the pitfalls of some types of conservatories and needed the reassurance that the retailer understood our concerns around being able to use the space throughout the year. As keen gardeners, we often visit the garden centre at Windlesham and noticed Sherborne Windows’ showroom – what was a spur of the moment decision turned into a real stroke of luck. Sherborne knew exactly what we were looking for and unlike other retailers really focused the design around our needs – not theirs.”

Sherborne Windows used the latest technology in glass extensions by bringing in Loggia columns to vastly improve the thermal performance of the new extension. Keen to keep a glass roof, Sherborne used a glass roof system which reflects the heat of the sunshine but during the colder months works in the opposite way to retain the heat. With the addition of four highly-thermal Loggia columns, the overall thermal performance of the new extension far exceeds the previous conservatory, as Mrs Simmonds explains: “we love it. It really does everything we need it to do and more. It’s much larger than the original space and we’ve been able to utilise the space for dining and relaxing. We’ve experienced all climates now in our new extension, and with the inclusion of underfloor heating our Loggia conservatory is perfect. Throughout the whole build, Sherborne Windows were excellent – I would highly recommend them, their attention to detail was second-to-none but it’s also reassuring to know that they’ve used the latest building products too.”